Conformity assessment for eIDAS | ZealiD AB | ZealiD TRA Service

Type of certificationConformity Assessment (eIDAS)
SRC certificate registration numberSRC.00051.TSP.05.2022
Valid fromMay 23, 2022
Valid untilMay 22, 2024
Certificate holderZealiD AB
Certified productZealiD TRA Service
The audit includesThe conformity assessment of the identification service ZealiD TRA service according to Regulation (EU) No. 910 / 2014 by the ISO 17065 accredited conformity assessment body of SRC.
DescriptionZealiD AB offers the identification service ZealiD TRA Service for the identification of natural persons according to the requirements of Regulation (EU) 910/2014, article 24 (1) d).

In the identification method ZealiD TRA Service exclusively natural persons are identified in an automated video-based identification procedure followed by a asynchronous verification by human identification agents. For the identification physical identification documents as well as digital identification documents, which fulfil the requirements of the ICAO standards and can be read out via an NFC interface, are acceptable.

For use of the identification procedure the ZealiD App is required, which can be retrieved via the usual App stores on Android and iOS smartphones.

In order to identify, the user need to start the process within the ZealiD App and need to follow the instructions to create a selfie video, which is processed by the automated procedure in the backend in order to perform a liveness check.

Afterwards, the identification data of the use is extracted from the identification document. In case the presented document is equipped with a chip containing digital identification data and an NFC interface, the data is read from the chip. Otherwise, the user is asked to follow the instructions in the App to create a video recording of the identification document. The extracted identification data (incl. the digital signature) or the created video stream respectively are processed and validated by the automated procedure in the backend in order to check its guineness and validity according to national standards or international ICAO standards.

Subsequently, the collected identification data and the result of the automated identification procedure is checked by at least one human identification agent. The result of the identification procedure is determined by a human agent after the verification step in any case.

SRC confirms, that the identification service ZealiD TRA Service is operated by ZealiD AB compliant to the requirements of Regulation (EU) No. 910 / 2014.